How KEYS supports Aboriginal families?

For a number of years, Aboriginal families in Western Sydney have been telling us that it is becoming more difficult to locate and access culturally safe services for their family. This problem has largely been due to Government agencies and NGOs working independently which means that families need to search extensively for the right service. This also means that Aboriginal families are often required to share their story multiple times with a number of different services. 

This is why KEYS has been developed. KEYS aims to create a service system that makes it easier for Aboriginal families to identify services that provide them with the right support at the right time. This also means that fewer families will fall through the gaps, particularly when times get tough.
The KEYS Network has developed a simple referral system where you and your family can access services with the support of a community-based advocate or even a trusted family member. Our specialist team will then help you create a family plan that will connect you with locally based services that best meet your needs.

How does the Western Sydney Aboriginal community contribute to KEYS?

The KEYS Network recognises to best meet the needs of Aboriginal families, services need to be delivered in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. KEYS engages with Aboriginal services and employs Aboriginal Navigators to support families to achieve their goals.

The KEYS Network remains committed to developing strong and meaningful relationships with local Aboriginal community organisations to provide a more culturally informed service system.